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PLEASE consider a contribution to the Phi Gamma Delta of Michigan Foundation .

Many of you have donated to our Foundation (501c3) over the past 15 years.  We are extremely gratified and grateful for this continuing support that directly contributes to the chapter's success.

Now, in my last fundraising effort on behalf of the Foundation, I respectfully ask your help to continue the funding for the Foundation's educational support programs.  Initially, we hope to move to a level of scholarship assistance that will result in a broader array of scholarships, in larger amounts, granted to the best men in the undergraduate chapter.

This fundraising will also ensure that we have sufficient funds for maintaining our state-of-the-art Internet system, purchasing study desks and chairs, conducting leadership education programs, and potentially expanding the basement chapter room.

This overall approach will build on the success of our current scholarship and related educational efforts that have been very well received by the undergrads and their families, and it will encourage the undergraduate brothers to continue the traditions of excellence at the Chapter.

THANK YOU for your support.

Kelley Rea




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